Jamaica Inn Vase

Jamaica Inn Vase


Amy has teamed up with Anita Harris Art Pottery to create a Limited Edition vase -

Designed by Peter Harris, the scene depicts the wild Cornish coast and the shipwreks written about in Daphne du Maurier’s epic novel, now re-imagined in Amy’s debut solo single - Jamaica Inn.

Made in The Potteries, using reactive glazing, handmade and hand painted by the studio of the head designer of Poole Pottery and Moorcroft’s Cobridge Stoneware. Vase is 17cm tall & 10cm at its widest point.

A bit about the process

Stoneware pottery is fired at a much higher gloss firing than earthenware. It can be fired up to 1300 degrees - this particular Jamaica Inn vase has had three firings in the kiln. It is slip cast by hand and fired to bisque to approx 1000 degrees. Next it is hand poured with glaze inside to ensure it is functional and can be used for floral displays. After the bisque firing the vase is then painted with the stoneware glazes and fired again to approx 1249 degrees. During this firing the glazes mature and fuse together and depending on how the glaze is applied will create a stormy sea and rocky cove effect. Everything is done by hand and the thickness of the glazes very much dictate the final look. Thus ensuring that no two pieces will be the same, adding to the quality and uniqueness of the vase. From a clay to vase takes many hours in the kiln for ceramic artists Anita and Peter Harris to create what you see now as the Jamaica Inn vase.


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